Rockwell Land Bacolod at Night

Nara Residences by Rockwell Land

Bacolod's New Premium District

with the signature Rockwell touch

Whenever you step inside a property developed by Rockwell Land, you can be sure that excellent taste and superior quality are guaranteed. This is perfect for anyone who lives with the highest standards. Owners never regret having a piece of Rockwell.

With spectacular sunrise views of Kanlaon, Rockwell Land is situated in one of the most prestigious residential development on the North East side of Bacolod City. 

If you want to make a bold investment with a stunning return on investment, look no further. Take the next step and realize your personal and professional dreams with a luxury condo at Nara Residences.

  • The first building to be built will be Building B – the one on the left side at the image above.
  • Total number of units: 256 units with lavish space and utmost privacy for every family choosing to make a home in nature

"Bacolod has always been meant for big things."

Experience a refreshing take on exclusivity, unparalleled service, and lifestyle choices as Rockwell takes premium living to the City of Smiles. (updated Feb 2020)

"Owning a Rockwell unit is one of the things I have never regretted." - Rockwell owner

Where is Rockwell Bacolod?

Nara Residences by Rockwell Land is located at Buri Road, near the intersection of Circumferential and Cordova-Buri towards Bacolod Airport Access Road. 

Key spots at the vicinity of Rockwell are Vista Mall (Across), Marapara Golf Club, and Northill Gateway. Northill Gateway is the next upmarket district of Bacolod where a The Ruins-inspired mall and large Mc Donald’s franchise is rising. See the walkthrough video for other details. 

Rockwell Nara Residences Location
Map Location of Rockwell Land Bacolod. Click to view Bigger.
Actual Site photo (before land dev)

Bacolod-Silay Airport Access Rd. is also nearby putting you access to the airport in just around 15-20 minutes. CitiMall Mandalagan, Riverside Hospital, Queen of Mercy Hospital, University of St. La Salle , St. Scholastica’s Academy, Robinson’s Place Mall are the nearby areas. There is ease of access to Lopues East, Metro Bacolod Hospital and New Government Center.

Nara Residences by Rockwell is an 11-hectare gated community that brings the signature Rockwell class to this side of Visayas. The promise of security and convenience are at the forefront while keeping the importance of existing with nature in mind.


Estimated Turn-Over Date

May 2023

Sept 2023

  • was moved because of the Pandemic and the management has to build a reservoir and 2 flood tunnels to remedy against future floods brought by heavy rains in the future. 
  • The condominiums are rising on top of the highest peak of the land contours, and the clubhouse/pool are on the slopes. 
  • Completion for land development will be on Nov 2023

Rockwell Features

Rockwell Nara so far is one of the most spacious. Owners (in Manila) always say they never regret owning a piece of it – the service, the community, the management, and all. This condo is located near the bustling vicinity of Northill Gateway, near Forbes Hill, Fountain Grow, present Vista Mall, and other high-end projects.

People who like real estate investing love this area as there are a lot of options for investment and profit. Rockwell is well known for its development of condos along with other types of real estate opportunities. Rockwell is dedicated to quality work and they have helped a lot of people find great places to live that they can appreciate.

Below are the artist’s renderings of the community. Click a picture to see its full view.

Nestled on an 11-hectare terrain along GM Cordova Avenue, this beyond ordinary community gives you mesmerizing views of Bacolod’s vast landscapes. Nara Residences is in close proximity to premier establishments and learning institutions making it convenient and accessible to your everyday needs.

Nara Residences is truly a sight to behold. Two residential buildings will crown the initial phase of the development, having a total of 256 units. The community will also have its own share of retail spaces that families and friends get to enjoy.
The community surrounds itself with lush greens and 80% open spaces. Enjoy the warmth of the sun and the fresh Bacolod air as we bring you and nature together through amenities that aim to give you piece of mind.

Building Features

  • Automatic fire alarm, fire detection and sprinkler systems
  • 100% standby emergency power
  • Security system with electronic access control
  • Closed-circuit TV monitoring
  • Lower ground and Ground floor equipped
  • with ventilation system
  • Exclusive drop-off bay
  • Pre-assigned parking spaces

Parking spaces will be at the ground floor and basement.


A shared love for what is beautiful, a common passion for the finer things in life, is what matches Rockwell with the City of Smiles so well. The pairing of Bacolod’s storied land and Rockwell’s extraordinary vision not only makes perfect sense, but it is also almost inevitable.

And so it goes. Bacolod is about to get that Rockwell touch and the kind of premium living Bacolodnons deserve.

Bacolod’s land has always been meant for bigger things. Rockwell truly knows this. This is why every product of its vision for the city is designed for Bacolodnon’s life to blossom.

Nara Residences Club House and Swimming Pool
Nara Residences Club House and Swimming Pool
Located within the community is the Nara Residences Clubhouse, where life and leisure come to play, perfect for those who like to have an active lifestyle in the gym, entertain in our private function room, or just bask under the sun in our pools.
The 11-hectare development along Cordova-Buri Road, with still an ample space for future development. The left side portion will be lots for sale. Contact me for details (+639088128227)

See How Rockwell Nara Residences Fits Your Investment or Residential Needs

  • Ask for the latest pricing
  • Get your questions about the project answered
  • See ROI opportunities

Overall Pricing

Rockwell is offering very lenient terms especially in light of the pandemic. As of March 2021, there is:

  • Total Price (+parking if 1BR above) less 100k PHP Reservation
  • 10% of remaining payable after 15-30 days (downpayment)
  • 10% amortization has 2 options:
    • Straight payment (no lumpsome)
    • Amortization with lump some or balloon payment every 10 months for 4 occurences
  • 80% loanable amount via banks


  • Discounts for Rockwell unit owners
  • Referral commissions
No. Parking price is not included yet. Parking slot price is to be added on top of the price summary above.
Parking prices:
  • Outdoor – 800,000 PHP
  • Indoor – 1,200,000 php
1 to 3 Bedroom unit buyers are required to get one parking slot only:
  • Studio buyers: Not required to get parking slot
  • 1 Bedroom: 1 Outdoor Parking
  • 2 Bedroom: 1 Indoor Parking
  • 3 Bedroom: 2 Indoor Parking Slots

Sample Computation 1 Bedroom

DP as low as P13,086 per month

Computation as of 25 March 2021

  • Unit Name: NRB 3G
  • Price: P6,789,792
  • Parking: P800,000
  • Total Contract Price: P758,979.20
  • If existing Rockwell owner, 3% discount
  • Reservation: P100,000
  • Remaining x 10% Downpayment = P758,979.20
  • 10% subject to amortization
    • Straight amortization for 29 months = P26,172
    • Ordinary amortization with lump some every 10th month (x 4 occurrences) = P13,085 and P94,872.4 every 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th month
  • 80% upon turn-over (loanable via bank financing) = P6,071,833.60

Unit Types , Sizes and Individual Pricing

Size Ranges:
Studios: 36-38 sqm
One Bedroom: 50-75 sqm
Two Bedroom: 82-83 sqm
Three Bedroom: 104 sqm

Price Ranges: (Pls note these are subject to finality after latest and official price matrix is sent) Studios:  5,831,000 One Bedroom: 7,050,000 to 7,575,000 Two Bedroom: 11,368,000 to 11,450,000 Three Bedroom: Around 14-16 Million

Price per sqm starts at 125,000 pesos (Jan 2020). Parking is at 1,000,000 pesos and 3 bedroom units require 2 parking slots. Click the images below to zoom pricing.

Unit Finishes

Living and Dining Areas
Floor: Wood-like Tiles Painted Finish
Wall: Painted Finish
Floor: Laminated Wood Flooring
Wall: Painted Finish
Closets: Laminate
Floor: Wood-like Tiles
Wall: Painted Finish
Countertop: Solid Surface
Cabinetry: Laminate

Toilet and Bath
Floor: Homogeneous Tile. 30×60
General Walls: Painted Finish
Shower Walls: Homogeneous Tile. 30×60
Ceiling: Painted Finish
Countertop: Solid Surface
Cabinetry: Laminate

Studio Unit

Unit D 38 sqm: Wake up with a smile in the City of Smiles. The studio unit provides ample space you can call your own and a balcony from which you can breathe in the fresh air as you wake up in a charming, laidback city.


  • Kitchen / Dining 10 sqm
  • Bedroom / Living 13 sqm
  • T&B 7 sqm
  • Foyer 4 sqm
  • Balcony 3 sqm
  • ACCU 1 sqm
  • Sample pricing

1 Bedroom Unit

Unit E 60 sqm: The 1-bedroom unit is your sanctuary within a sanctuary. Enjoy the lush view from your balcony or get in touch with your own nature in your spacious living area.


  • Living Area 14 sqm
  • Dining Area 13 sqm
  • Kitchen 5 sqm
  • Bedroom 14 sqm
  • T&B 10 sqm
  • Balcony 3 sqm
  • ACCU 1 sqm


Nara Residences 1 Bedroom Floor Map
  • Sample pricing

2 Bedroom Unit

Unit N 82 sqm

The 2-bedroom unit provides all the bedroom and bathroom space a growing family would need. Open the balcony door to let the refreshing breeze cool your bonding moments.


  • Living Area 12 sqm
  • Dining Area 8 sqm
  • Hallway 5 sqm
  • Kitchen 8 sqm
  • Master Bedroom 16 sqm
  • Master T&B 5 sqm
  • Bedroom 11 sqm
  • T&B 5 sqm
  • Utility 6 sqm
  • Utility T&B 2 sqm
  • Balcony 3 sqm
  • ACCU 1 sqm
  • Sample pricing

3 Bedroom Unit

Unit A 104 sqm

Families are meant to grow, move, and live freely. The 3-bedroom unit provides the expanse to make everyone breathe and believe that this is how family life is meant to be.


  • Living Area 15 sqm
  • Dining Area 11 sqm
  • Hallway 5 sqm
  • Kitchen 7 sqm
  • Master Bedroom 19 sqm
  • Master T&B 8 sqm
  • Bedroom 1 11 sqm
  • Bedroom 2 12 sqm
  • T&B 6 sqm
  • Utility 4 sqm
  • Utility T&B 2 sqm
  • Balcony 3 sqm
  • ACCU 1 sqm
3 Bedroom Nara Residences Rockwell Floor Map
  • Sample pricing

See How Rockwell Nara Residences Fits Your Investment or Residential Needs

  • Ask for the latest pricing
  • Get your questions about the project answered
  • See ROI opportunities

Other Projects by Rockwell Land

Rockwell Makati
A HISTORY OF CHANGING LIFESTYLES AND LANDSCAPES When you pursue your vision with relentless passion, you break barriers each time you break ground. For more than two decades. Rockwell has set the standard for premium spaces where life, work, and play co-exist in stylish communities. The Rockwell touch began in a 15.5 hectare flagship development that rose to become the Rockwell Center in Makati. Soon after, the property became the epitome of exclusivity and convenience. Recently risen is the latest testament to Rockwell's dedication to infuse art and design into fashionable living which is the Proscenium. It stands proud and gleams like the Makati skyline’s bejeweled crown. Power Plant mall is also located in the drone shot above.
32 Sanson Cebu
The Queen City of the South gets the royal treatment. Rockwell style, as this world-class development continues to bloom surrounded by luscious greenery and an active community. As the first Rockwell development outside of Metro Manila. 32 Sanson is prestigious countryside living fit for true Cebuanos that desire to get away to nature without escaping the trappings of city life.
The Aruga Mactan
Rockwell’s Aruga Resort and Residences - Mactan could very well be Mactan’s most impressive development. Boasting the widest beachfront of at least 270-meters in Mactan, the property embraces the sea with soon to rise world-class residential towers, hotel building, and premium villas. In Aruga Resort and Residences - Mactan, we relive the weekend beach life that Cebuanos have grown up to and non-Cebuanos dreem of.


The answers below are from Rockwell’s Senior Sales Executive

Association dues will be around 100pesos per sqm.

Example of assoc. dues computation: 50 sqm (1 BR) x P100 = 5000 PHP per month. Projected Assoc Dues will be at 100 php per sqm by year 2023

Est P100 per sqm, which will go to maintenance of the garden, amenities, pool, security, etc. This is in line with other developers’ association dues in the area, and usually determined by the homeowners.

South is facing the Amenities Area and North is facing the Retail Area (Buri Road)
All Units will come in bare finished, you will have to get your own interior designer to design your own unit.
  • 32 Sanson in Cebu City
  • Rockwell Land Makati
  • The Aruga in Mactan

Est. May 2023 but due to pandemic, will be pushed to Sept 2023

We are not offering any discounts due to Covid and our standard payment term is 10-30-60.
10 % Downpayment
30 % Monthly Amortization for 36 Months
60 % Upon Turnover
What we could do is adjust the % of Monthly Amortization to more months or lower the 30%.
We can also spread Down Payment into 2-3 Months.
It really depends on what your client would want.
It’s called Bare Finished, you have all the cabinets and provisions, but you will have to be the one to furnish your own unit
Ceiling Height -3 Meters
Pets- yes allowed 1 medium size or 2 small
Checking accounts for PDC checks? – you can have an option of wire transfer
All volt sockets will be 220 (normal sockets)
Provisions for airconditioning will be complete but air conditioner will not be provided
Yes. 12% VAT is included.
Yes buyer will be paying tax which will be the handover Fees of approximately 3% of the total contract price.
We currently are not offering any free stay due to this pandemic, but we have a hotel in Manila called Aruga to accomodate all your travel needs also and to help you with local paperworks needed to travel.
Yes, all incoming OFW is required to be swabbed and quarantine in manila until swab results comes out, (usually around 5-10 days), incoming flights to Bacolod also require passengers to be swab upon arrival and also do quarantine until results comes out.
Please let me know if they have any more questions or concerns or if they would like to reserve a unit already. 

Bacolod Rockwell Slide Details

About Rockwell

The Rockwell Land story began in 1995 with the transformation of an unused thermal power plant into a thriving, self-sustained community. Now known as the Rockwell Center, this flagship development was the first of several exceptional communities, which serve as the benchmark for living, leisure and business.

As a member of the Lopez Group of Companies, Rockwell Land continues to raise the standard for living spaces by creating a community that seamlessly blends residences, work spaces and lifestyle hubs. All of these are made with the Rockwell signature of innovation, exclusivity and unparalleled quality.

Info taken from company About Us page.

Upcoming Neighbors of Rockwell

Rockwell will have the following neighbors: Rising across the street is Vista Mall, near Ruins, near Megaworld’s Forbes Hill and biggest McDonald’s in Asia. Also near CoHo by Vista Land and Camella Homes. 

Vista Mall Iloilo just for reference


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