Get a prayer list. One principle about prayer that keeps on going back to my mind is what R. Kent Hughes said in his book “The Disciplines of a Godly Man.” In the chapter about “The disciple of prayer,” a simple yet eternal point he made says that we tend to forget and wander in our thoughts when we pray. Having a prayer list in our hand will save us from wandering.

God vs. Science. The complexity of DNA alone disproves the pillars of Darwin’s Evolution Theory. He suggests that we have come from “simple cell (like amoeba) to complex structures (humans)”. But examining the DNA design itself alone (termed as “simple cell” by evolutionists) is more than million times complex that we could ever imagine. Paul was true in saying that “although they knew God, they do not glorify Him as God.”

Love is more than a feeling. This video testimony from a couple highlights the wonder of a relationship whose center is the glorious beauty of Christ. The husband got a severe brain damage before their marriage and live the rest of his life in greater disability. With the help of the Word of God, Ian and Larissa continue to live their vows until now by the grace of God. They use a Christian book of Piper about marriage and one of the points Larissa pointed out regarding the primary duty of a husband is to help the wife see the excellency of Christ. Working to provide the family is only secondary. Larissa then added, that his husband, even in his situation, does the most important thing any marriage should have.

Freedom Lust and Pornography: Everytime I check Youtube’s site, it recommends videos to me based from the subscriptions I had signed up and the viewing history I had in the past weeks. This video was suggested by I’ll Be Honest .com which I had signed up back then, and had reputable amount of powerful sermons in the past years. One viewer asked, “Is masturbation a sin?” The pastor answered, “If Jesus Christ will come in the next 24 hours, will you spend the rest of your time masturbating?” We are not just commanded to flee from lust and fornication, but most of all, we are to flee to and pursue Christ. The best medicine to sin is to behold the awesome Christ.

What is Sari-Sari Commentaries? Sari-sari is a Filipino word which means assorted. This is an effort to share a Biblical perspective and response to various things happening around, together with an insight from a Biblical standpoint.

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