Idolizing Man. Desiring God conference started with the emphasis on the modern version of idolatry- worshiping man. “The Old gods are dead but human self-worship continues today, and has been around since Cain sacrificed his brother, out of pride and envy.”

Marvin Germo. A Filipino financial coach specializing in helping his fellowmen experience the grace of financial freedom and salvation. In his Facebook page, he describes himself as a sinner saved by grace.

Does grace make you lazy? “Gospel grace actually empowers risk-taking effort and neighbor-embracing love…because everything we need in Christ we already possess, we can take great risks, push harder, go farther, and leave it all on the field without fear.”

Indelible Grace. Looking for the powerful hymns revived to be used for the modern day? Indelible Grace is on a mission on passing the next generations what has been Treasures of Christendom for the last hundreds of years.

Sari-sari is a Filipino word which means assorted. An effort to share some precious bits of truth and Biblical perspectives regarding events happening around.

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