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SEO Services Philippines

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People are increasingly depending on search results to get to know more about a business or organization. Appearing in search for a certain keyword gives the feeling of authority to your readers, leading them to trust you more. 

As more customers are consuming online, it’s important to invest in your website’s SEO so you can greater visibility, authority and potential for new leads. 

In the Philippines, me under my government-registered entity BAR Villarosa Marketing Services, provides SEO services and those related to it. 

SEO is not just a secluded discipline on its own. It’s a combination of interconnected fields that a business marketer must diligently consider. Below are some of the disciplines that an SEO professional must also have a good grasp too:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Responsive and Mobile-friendliness of the site
  • Content quality
  • Site authority
  • Technical website analysis and maintenance such as links, 404, 304, etc. 
  • Fixing Google’s warning notifications
  • Internal and external linking
  • External promotions such as SMM, Collabs and backlinks

Over the years, I have developed necessary skills to help a business soar in their search engine rankings. 

Stats of my clients

SEO Services Philippines _ 2
Pls note that the lines went up only after me and some team member works on the site/contents once.
Pls note that the lines went up only after me and some team member works on the site/contents once.

Typical Process

  • Client Prequalification and Qualification
  • Initial Appointment via Video or Meeting
  • Scoping
  • Submission of Proposal, Scope and Timeline
  • Contract-Signing and Payment
  • Payment
  • Execution of Proposal
  • Reporting


SEO is a long and consistent process. Depending on the analysis and competitiveness of the keyword, it starts from P20,000 a month.

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