My Services

Looking for a financial or real estate advise is a matter of trust, that’s why I make sure that my profession and business are government-recognized and have the necessary permits. In having so, my customers will have extra layer of assurance every time there is a transaction. 

As a government-registered business entity, I provide real estate, financial and tourist services to help you achieve a better work-life balance. Below are the details of my services. 

Digital Marketing

Your business needs to invest in digital marketing to increase visibility, leads and revenue. I provide services in the field of digital marketing such as website development, inbound, content marketing, blog development, SEO, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, and data analytics. 

Real Estate

Buying a property is a huge deal! As a PRC-accredited real estate professional, I have a wide experience in various set-ups, clients and processes. I’m willing to assist you make the best informed decision possible. 

I specialize in selling subdivisions and pre-selling units in Bacolod City, but my portfolio also includes agri lands, title processing, condos and general brokerage.

Check-out SMDC, Megaworld UpperEast, Rockwell and others. 

Travel Services

I love nature, and Philippines has beautiful treasures to share to the world. And tourism is one way to experience this. I love tourism because it opens our eyes and hearts to the wonders that is in the world. 

I offer tourist services by sharing information through my blog, and recommend day tours services in Bacolod. 

It gives us insights to other cultures and makes us ponder on our own, appreciating what we have and celebrating diversity in our midst. I know that someday “every nation, every tribe and every tongue” will radiate their glory to the heavenly places – and tourism is just a foretaste of what is to come. 


I help my clients achieve lifetime financial freedom. To achieve this, I introduce financial advisership, consulting, insurance and investments recommendations. Mindset, character and long-term thinking are essential factors as well. 

As a licensed financial advisor, I help my clients assess their financial needs, identify their financial goals and advise a way to achieve it through compound interest (investments), compensation for death (life insurance) and compensation for other non-death losses (riders such as critical illness and dismemberment). 

Team Building Services

A Top Teambuilding Facilitators in the Philippines is one of my partners, and I help market them. Team building benefits include Minimizes conflict and develop highly effective teams,  improves effectiveness, team builders or facilitators help assess teamwork status. Learn more.