Sun First Aid

Sun First Aid

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What is Sun First Aid Plus?

Sun First Aid Plus is a daily hospital reimbursement product maturing at the end of 10 years with the following benefits:

  • Hospital Benefits*:
    • Daily Hospital Income starting from the date the life insured is hospitalized, subject to the policy’s waiting period and maximum limits. 
    • Long-term Hospital Income
    • ICU Income
    • Surgical Expense Benefit
  • Protection Benefits are as follows:
    • Life Insurance Coverage which is equal to the total of original annual premiums* paid decreased by advances with interest. 
    • Accidental Death Benefit. 
  • Return of Premiums equal to 50% (or 70%) of the original annual premiums.

*Subjuct to conditions, maximum terms and caveats.


Once the life insured is confined as an in-patient in a Hospital as a result of Injury or Sickness, on the recommendation of a Physician, Sun First Aid Plus provides the following hospitalization benefits*:

  • Daily Hospital Income
  • Long-Term Hospital Income
  • Intensive Care Unit Benefit
  • Surgical Expense Benefits

*Subject to conditions, waiting period and maximum limits as per proposal reference.

Sun First Aid Lets Your Enjoy:

  • Hospitalization Benefits – worry less about costly hospital bills due to confinement, surgery, long-term hospitalization, or ICU.
  • Guaranteed Cash Value – depending on the plan chosen, you will receive a reimbursement depending on the number of day you were hospitalized.
  • Protection Benefits- get income replacement for your family equal to the total annual premiums paid. It becomes double if death by accident.
  • Money-Back Feature – With the plan’s “money-back feature”, you get 50% of the total premiums paid on your policy’s 10th anniversary if the Insured outlives the protection period.
  • Hassle-Free Application – Speeds up the application process through its Simplified Issue Offer, subject to the limits of Sun Life.

For more details, simply contact me to request for proposal.

You can also see the Sun First Aid details at Sun Life’s official website.


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