Sun Life, or officially called Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), is a financial services company that specializes in life insurance. 

Life insurance primarily insures the life of a person, so that when death comes, the surviving family will have benefits to help them go on through life. 

Sun Life offers add-ons on top of the basic life insurance. You can add daily hospital income reimbursement, critical illness protection, fund growth / investment, body dismemberment benefit, accidental death benefit and more. 

Sun Life can also be availed as a group such as Family Insurance or Company Insurance.

Fundamentally, Sun Life offers life insurance. It means that once you sign up, your life is insured with a certain face amount which is guaranteed upon death.

History of Sunlife

It was in 1895 when Sun Life began its operations in the Philippines, three years before the Philippines became an official republic. 

Sun Life went through two world wars – World War 1, World War 2, as well as EDSA Revolution- but still maintained its commitment to Filipinos. Sun Life even went out and searched for the families of the victims of world war.

As of 2019, Sun Life has been existing in the Philippines for 124 years already and still remains on its mission to bring Filipinos the humanitarian benefits of life insurance.

performance of sunlife

#1 Based on Premium Income (Year 2017)
Based from the official statistics of the Insurance Commission, the number 1 insurance company of 2017 based on premium income is Sun Life of Canada (Philippines). SunLife is also the #1 in premium income last 2016 and 2015 and 2014.

Premium income means the Revenue generated by a Life Insurance Company from the total premium it charges on its policies.

#1 Based on Net Income of year 2017 and many more.
Sun Life is also the #1 insurance company based on Net Income: Total revenues minus total expenses. Sun Life performs well on many other ranking factors.


In other words, Sun Life is a reliable company when it comes to trusting with your hard-earned money.


Life Insurance is the main purpose of Sun Life. We give protection to families by insuring the life of a person especially the breadwinner.

How can you benefit?

  • Dreams won’t die. When death comes to the breadwinner, Sun Life gives its promised amount (called as Face Amount) to the family so that their dreams won’t pass away away as well. It can be used to support the young children.

    This gives peace of mind to the family against the “what if’s” of life. Of course only the Lord appoints the time for our deaths, but God’s will for us is also to be good stewards.

  • Assistance to Spouse. When an untimely death comes to a spouse, the surviving spouse will have somehow at least financial relief that will come along side the burdens of raising a young family.

  • Assistance to Children of Financially Dependent Parents. If your parents are dependent or senior citizens, time may come that they need your support. When an unwanted death comes, aging parents will have a hard time without your life insurance.

  • Credit Protection. If you have creditors / burrowers, Sun Life could give you peace of mind in case untimely death comes to your burrowers.

  • Legacy. You can allocate funds to your chosen charity so that you can leave an impact for a worthwhile cause and give more meaning to life.


Benefits of SunLife
10 reasons to buy life insurance

Although the main “bread and butter” offering of Sun LIfe is life insurance, the following benefits can also be added on top of the basic life insurance.

supplementary benefits

  • Total Disability Benefit (TDB) – when the insured becomes totally and permanently disabled (unable to work), all premiums will be waived.
  • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) – additional benefit when the insured dies by accident.
  • Accidental Death, Disability and Dismemberment (ADDD) – in addition to accidental death or disability, the insured gets benefit whenever a part of his body is dismembered.

Living Benefits

Below are the benefits that the insured can enjoy while living, and not just as death benefit.

  • Investment – Grow your money while getting insured. We can design allocation for retirement, child’s education, house or travel.Rather than putting your extra money on savings account at the bank (note: we do not discourage saving for Emergency Funds), but the money that you won’t need anyway would have higher probability to grow better if you consider investing it.
    • Maxilink -Payable within 10 or 5 years)
    • Flexilink – Flexible payments
Historical Sun Life Investment Growth
Putting your money on Investment, generally gives you better return rates compared to banks.

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  • Critical Illness Benefit – get the face amount or a percentage of it whenever you get diagnosed with one of the listed critical illness.

    Use the money for recovery and you have more time to focus on healing rather than on where to get the money.
    • CIB Rider (36 illnesses) – a rider or add-on to VUL (Investment with insurance)
    • Sun Fit and Well (114 illnesses) – a new generation health insurance under the traditional insurance category
    • Female Critical Illnesses – a special rider that covers female clients
  • Hospital Income Benefit – Daily Hospital Reimbursement when the insured is admitted for any reason.
  • Special Products

    Sun Life even innovated and continues to provide relevant and adaptive products such as the following recent offerings:

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