Bacolod Province


The province where Bacolod City belongs is Negros Occidental. Negros originally and literally meant “land of black people.” It was from the first impression of the Spaniars when they first touched the shorelines of the island. Today, one of the original settlers of Negros can still be found in Kabankalan. They are the Carul-ans, and […]

Bacolod Region


Bacolod city belongs to the Western Visayas Region or Region VI. The Visayas is the central portion of the Philippines and is composed of many islands including Cebu, Leyte, and Panay. The islands of Negros and Panay (Iloilo etc.) are at the west side of this group, hence the name. In this region, you will […]

Is Bacolod Safe? Crime Rates, Law Enforcements and More

Is Bacolod safe? I will try to answer this question objectively based on my real-world observations as an ordinary citizen, as well as some statistics from officials.  I think this question can be answered by the following factors: Decreasing Crime Rates January 2019: Reports show Bacolod Crime Rate in 2018 is down by 17% compared to 2017. December 2018 […]

Bacolod City – Business Friendly City in the Philippines

Compared to Metro Manila and Cebu, Bacolod may not that well known but this city has promising traits for businesses. Aug 2018: Bacolod as top 1 most competitive LGU in the visayas, top 2 in the national category 1.) Bacolod as the Top Model City by the Manila Times last 2017 Reference 2.) Most Business-friendy […]