A simple request that could save your life

Maybe life seems to be like a routine now. But surely for everyone, there will be days that will come and will show up as a grand turning point in a matter of life and death situation. How will you respond? What will you ask for? What could save your life? Turning points are times that […]

Experience true freedom

I have my own share of life’s tough times that made me feel down inside. When I look back, I see many addictions where I experienced the cycle of defeat, misery and woe. Though they are not drug addictions, they are addictions in the sense that they make you a prisoner in a certain point- […]

The beauty of contrast

One important element of beauty is contrast. Without it, there will be no emphasis. Without emphasis, there will be no message. Without message, everything is void of meaning. In painting, use contrast to emerge an idea. In writing, use the word “but” to establish a contrasting twist. In penmanship, use a black ink over a […]