Coworking Space: Benefits, Cons, Design and Ideas

As an introvert, I love coworking spaces. It’s a heaven for my eternal inner murmur for tranquility and getting mesmerized with the details of certain strands of the universe. As a freelancer in Upwork since 2010, I have worked from home but need to be in a coworking space a lot. I meet my Sun […]

BIR Tax Guide for Self Employed, Professionals and Freelancers

BIR Tax Guide

As a self-employed, freelance online marketer and professional Filipino taxpayer, I am logging here my detailed experience and learnings in paying my tax obligations here in the Philippines. I am also a blogger about financial literacy, real estate investments, Bacolod City, and law school. In order for a country to move from poverty to prosperity, one […]

Avoid the flat-zero bids in your fixed-price proposals. Here’s why:

In fixed-price projects, give your price in non-flatzero figures. As a freelancer, I usually make the price the same as the client’s bid price or make it lower, this is in hope that the client would buy the lower cost. Or you may usually be the one to name your price. Try avoiding flat-zero amounts […]