What are you building?

Every man is a builder. Every move that he makes, contributes to something bigger than himself. As time goes by, man cannot stop his life from being a part of something. Whether he likes it or not, his life flows towards another. As long as there is life, there will always be a “receiver” of […]

My ministry experience with a prisoner in mental disorder

I just had a special ministry experience with a person suffering from psychological disorder and I wanted to share my experience: To protect his privacy, I will not disclose any name and place that will give hint to his identity. However, I would like to take this into account so we can see the Lord’s […]

A simple request that could save your life

Maybe life seems to be like a routine now. But surely for everyone, there will be days that will come and will show up as a grand turning point in a matter of life and death situation. How will you respond? What will you ask for? What could save your life? Turning points are times that […]

Experience true freedom

I have my own share of life’s tough times that made me feel down inside. When I look back, I see many addictions where I experienced the cycle of defeat, misery and woe. Though they are not drug addictions, they are addictions in the sense that they make you a prisoner in a certain point- […]

How to be joyful in the midst of your trials

When I struggle with hardships in my life, what I always notice is that they cannot be understood at first. Mostly, there is a big question and a big hunger for answers. Why did this happen? Why am I in this situation? How could I have prevented this? When the storms of life badly hit […]

The beauty of contrast

One important element of beauty is contrast. Without it, there will be no emphasis. Without emphasis, there will be no message. Without message, everything is void of meaning. In painting, use contrast to emerge an idea. In writing, use the word “but” to establish a contrasting twist. In penmanship, use a black ink over a […]

Ideas worth spreading

As I am watching TEDx events in youtube, my attention was captured by their famous slogan which is “ideas worth spreading.” What came to me was the question of how long will those ideas possess the value of being “spreadable” or “likable” over the fast-shifting wave of ideas in our present world. Then, I was […]

Who are the poor in spirit?

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3 The Owner of heaven Himself has spoken that His kingdom belongs to those who see their spiritual poverty. How is it to be poor in spirit? What is this kind of qualification? Who shall enter the kingdom of God? To […]

How God’s sovereignty affects us

When we say God is sovereign, it means that He is in control. He rules, He reigns, and He establishes His dominion and authority. He does what He wants without limitations. He is God and He is Lord. When man hears about God being sovereign, his mind is inclined to have the conception that this […]

Two words that can change your life… forever

He is a man that could be a reflection of our hearts. A man lingering by sin’s bosom for so long, yet rescued by the Great Savior. Swimming and enjoying in the mire of sin, yet had felt the emptiness within. He saw the Great Light which salvaged him from the dark. His name is Matthew. You may also […]