Actual Sample Studio Unit – Megaworld Upper East Two Regis

Studio Unit Two Regis Featured

Actual Sample Unit of Two Regis Studio Unit In this post, I share actual images of the sample studio unit of Megaworld Upper East Two Regis.  Contact me to reserve, ask details or view.  The Moment You Enter… The moment you enter, you will be welcomed by the posh kitchen sink, cupboards and food preparations at […]

Megaworld Upper East Bacolod: One Manhattan Pricing & Availability

Megaworld Upper East: The Next Big Thing in Bacolod Megaworld Upper East must be your top choice if you’re considering the best real estate investment in Bacolod City, Negros.  Your top factors should be (1) nearness to key spots, (2) quality of life, (3) convenience and (4) economic [and political] centrality. [Further explained below] If you’re […]