…not because everything in Youtube is profitable spiritually, but because the world is gradually turning now into self-publishing, and in some sense, it brings many advantages.

For example, if you are interested on a certain topic, you can just Google it or browse Youtube to learn more information about it. Years have proven that knowledge is power, and also through the experiences of other people, we can gain a lot.

Few years ago, you have to wait for a television show or buy some book about a certain topic you wanted to grow in. Now, the internet has made “all men” equal. In what area? In the area of publishing. Almost everyone can have the opportunity to make known something and use this technology to broadcast art.

The internet has lots of advantages as well as disadvantages. Like millions of other things, we need to ask discernment from the Lord for us to seek, think and make use of what is good and leave out what is bad. (Philippians 4:8)

Another good find I got: Chinkee Tan, a Filipino motivational speaker, coach. and pastor. I find his talks good and practical.

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