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May it be that our life be characterized by wisdom that will lead us to be successful through our journey in the eyes of the Master. There is no other greater source that will teach the us on how to be smart other than the book written by the smartest person – God. This book is the Bible, and a certain book inside it specializes on the topic of wisdom, and that is the book of Proverbs -written by Solomon- the smartest person who ever walked on this earth next to Jesus Christ.

A smart person always loves to know wisdom. The other word for wisdom in Hebrew (the original language of Proverbs) is skill. Teach a skill and a wise person loves it. Smart people are skillful people. A smart man develops skills and adopts them as his own, takes responsibility for them, develops them, and builds his life with them.

A wise or a smart person likes to improve his skills over his life. He does not like things that destroy productivity. Idleness is not in his vocabulary. He lives in this world knowing that he does not have enough time left. He carefully considers every step of his life. He commits every plan to the Lord. He does not waste his resources on things that will not matter for life and eternity. He meditates and obeys the Wise Book day and night of his life.

A wise person is in the habit of digesting the things he reads. He does not quickly conclude or impulsively reacts to things, but searches for their validity based upon the truth. Smart people are never impulsive. They are careful on what they say, what they write and what they do. They know the consequences of unwise decisions and so they have every crucial step under good consultation. No other textbook that is best for consultation other than the Bible. It is the Book of the Wise.

A smart person does not settle in not understanding things. He does not just accept things because of conventional wisdom. He carefully examines traditions and respectfully compare them to the truth. Perceiving is his love. He like to know and research and seek whether a matter is true and noble. The good description for the word perceive is to separate them mentally. He takes time to cut down ideas into pieces and examines them in his brain to give a mental outlook for it. He takes time to meditate amidst the busy schedules. He knows the disadvantage of not starting the day with the right perspective. A wise man knows the consequence of thoughts that are not given careful mental attention.

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