The Market as a Reflection of the Trinity


What is Market? It’s when supply meets demand. It’s where two kinds of people meet: Sellers and buyers. It could be local or virtual. When a buyer agrees to swap his property (money) to what the seller has, a transaction or a sale happens. The Puritans called Sunday as a Marketday of the Soul. Supply meets demand in a place called assembly. Trade occurs when two distinct persons mutually agree to exchange their commodities. The point where they agree to have this exchange is called a price.

Let’s change scenes, to the cosmic realm. What exists before the world came into existence? Before the heavens, the universe and all that therein? What was something before there was anything? There’s the Creator Himself. The three Persons exist. They are enjoying the presence of one another (Psalm 16:11). They are co-existing, co-eternal and co-operating. They are composed of three distinct but not separate Persons. He is One, and He is Three. Elohim, His Hebrew Name, is in fact plural in form. Humanity is singular and plural because the Creator is singular and plural.

When creation began, the Three said, “Let us make man according to our Image.” This is when the replication of their attributes began. They wanted to share what they enjoyed. They wanted to create persons like themselves who will also experience the same united cooperation, mutual exchanges and joyful diversity.

The wonder of the free market is this: that two or multiple individuals peacefully and harmoniously give and take to one another. They enjoy one another’s fruits. A market that reflects the Higher Civilization produces peace in the midst of scarcity. It has been observed in history that wars end when commerce begin. Unlike Japan, China has never waged war against Philippines in the past because of economic relationship. But when a commercial relationship or the market is dominated with fallen unethical worldviews, markets fall and wars could possibly breakout.

Protestant-influenced societies generally embrace this kind of unity in diversity. When you go to the New World (America), particularly in New York or Singapore, you will see a wonderfully-knitted society who enjoy high degrees of peace and generally low-crime neighborhood. In New Your, you see Blacks, Europeans, Jews, Asians, Americans cooperate. In Singapore, you mostly see Chinese, Indians, Malays and Filipinos enjoy the products and services and art of one another. A society influenced particularly with the Protestant worldview of life, Trinitarian understanding of the market or most likely by the Jews will have a deep grasp of the Old Testament and Biblical structure of Laws and united society.

Westminster Catechism has taught to the world for centuries that the chief end of man is to imitate (glorify) the Maker and enjoy Him forever. This truth should shape humanity. Humans are to be in the Imago Dei. The more a society imitates the Creator, the more they embrace freedom and free market. When man replicates His Maker, he will in fact enjoy it. The more economics and the markets imitate the Trinitarian cooperation, the more there is life, peace, success and prosperity. The more suppliers and buyers match themselves with the ethics of the Divine, the more heaven comes to earth, the more fulfillment is there to “Thy Kingdom come.”

Before the “In the beginning…”, there was nothing. After Genesis 1, there was everything. This includes the free market. There have been markets where there has been humans, since the beginning. As long as there is a supply and a demand, markets will never cease. Even in eternal life in the NewEarth, there the market still exists. Market is forever. Market is eternal because the market is a concept that exists in the Eternal Persons of the Great Being Himself. It is never separated or isolated to the kingdom of the Higher Order. It is, in fact, a replication of His diversified-but-unified Personality.

by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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