The Parable of the Leaked Pipe


Applying the solution without identifying the source of the problem leads to a waste. This is a lesson I learned today after fixing a leaked sink pipe.

Several days had passed since our kitchen floor is suffering from overflowing water, and so when I arrived, we tried to fix the problem by buying Vulca Seal, a fast-drying rubber-based sealant.

In my haste to solve the problem, we immediately applied it in the night, only to discover in the morning that the problem is still not solved.

To my surprise, I discovered that the sealant was applied at the wrong area. I became presumptuous because I just thought that the leak comes from the old area where the seal was applied before.

My laziness to think and discover the problem only led to a bigger problem. Sixty pesos was wasted (cost of Vulca Seal), time was wasted (around 2 hours), effort was wasted, health was wasted (I become miserable inhaling the strong chemical odor).

Then I realize it is the same with sharing the gospel. Many times, we directly share the “solution” (the gospel) wihout the person knowing his real problem. Yes, the solution is right, the medicine is correct at his front, but what is the main problem? Do they know their true “leak”? Do they realize why they need to beg to Christ? Why should they repent and run to Christ? Why do they need God’s love? Why do they need your Jesus?

Preach the Law (Psalm 19:7). This is the job of the Law of the Old Testament- to point the leakage of men, to expose them to their true condition, to reveal to them the terrors of judgment, the curses, the sin, the consequences, weeping, gnashing of teeth, dead bodies, suffering, worms that do not die, fire never quenched, rottenness, death, torture, problem.

The work of the Law points men to Christ. That the “wages of sin is death” and the “wrath of God to our disobedience” (Romans 1). Preach it so that those who hear “Jesus loves you” will beg, not mock and trample over the truth and indifferently say “so what?” 

As one Puritan evangelist puts it, pour out the vinegar of the Law, and by God’s working they would run and beg to the solution- the healing oil of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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