The role of art on impact and the importance of doing something new time to time

Art gives us an opportunity to explore new possibilities.

Creating a painting, for example, gives us the prowess to try and creatively explore new roads, new techniques, new horizons. It’s a permission to fail.

Creating solutions takes time, it may fail, it may cost but the results are value. Exploring gives you to wander mentally, to venture into the unknown, to observe the unexpected and to give you a knack of surprise.

That’s why art has a tremendous ministry. It gives you a magical feeling, a sense of originality, of uniqueness and authorship. Art is an experience of the Divine. Mingling art and science is not a violation, but instead, a necessity. We learn and hold facts in our head, we follow those scientific conclusions with our hands and feet, but it is more awesome to work on those facts-especially the abstracts ones- and use those pieces of information to arrive to real-world solutions.

I think this is why science has to embrace art. Scientists are to discover its contribution. All creation and ideas of God were installed in this universe to glorify His name and let man enjoy Him. Man, who is both science and art, is to follow the same route.

In Singapore (a highly scientific country), the higher ups are giving young people permission to fail, to create, to commit art, to try, to experiment, to challenge the norm, to be the change they want to see in the world. At the end, the youth emerge as better, more equipped and learned. Science or knowledge should not be a hindrance to the practical and abstract existence of arts, but it should support.

When I do something in art form, I am less afraid to commit mistakes. Why? Because art costs lower: Error simply means throwing away scratch. Art lets my imaginations dictate my writing, and above all, gives me the forward-looking sentiment that I have a lesser regret to discover a failed path since it just cost me a little ink, some scrap paper and a lead of a pencil. Art in the digital form takes much lesser carbon footprint, you are doing everything in pixels, you only consume time. You don’t waste time, you just discovered something in yourself.

With these in mind, I observe that creativity and artistry go together. The reason? because both disciplines require problem solving skills. Creating is about having the idea to solve a problem. Artistry is also the same route to find a better answer to a spatial challenge.

As a designer, I discovered this recently. A certain Christian personality test had a drawing that has a branch of a tree. One branch has a name “administration” and it produced a branch called “design.” Design and administration share the same connection. Then I considered the fact that the two are one flesh.

Driving is therapeutic. I think it is because driving gives me the power of control and decision-making. It relieves me. When I drive, my brain is challenged to work out, to solve, to overcome and to strategize.

I recently discovered that driving to unfamiliar routes gives me relief. Driving through an unfamiliar route, discovering new stores, meeting new people and going to new places give build fresh roads in my mind. I feel that my mind likes it. So I considered myself to try to venture and do something new time to time.

The pages of history and the Bible testify to this fact. Those with artistic inclinations also possess significant scientific and leadership acumen. A majority of Nobel Prize winners have an artistic hobby. We can name many of them.

The great men of the Bible share artistic qualities. King David was a musician, a harpist. His musical talent did not intervene with his reputation as a man of war. His bravery in killing Goliath did not kill the spirit of his deep and affectionate friendship with Jonathan. David’s poor background is not a hindrance for him to pursue an artistic career. In fact, his music brought him closer to King Saul. His music were then captured in written form and so we now have the most majestic collection of songs, ever old but ever new- the Psalms. His musicality blended well with his artistry on war.

King Solomon was a writer. His wisdom and witty judgments and busy lifestyle were not a hindrance for him to write artistic Songs and love poems for his lover. Solomon even had the time to write the wisest collection of poetry the world has ever known- Proverbs.

Christ himself was an artist. Growing in the presence of his father gave him the opportunity to be trained to sculpt wood or stone. I’m my hypothesis, I believe that there have been artistic opportunities for Christ as he worked as a mason His time on earth before 30 had times of imagining designs for wood and executing them patiently through hardwork. We can see in His artistic side by the way he did his ministry-filled with creative imaginations. His artistic imaginations such conveying parables and stories give us the idea that Christ Himself was a great artist.

So, creating, leading, discovering and problem-solving are not distant from each other. The testimony of great historical men including the Biblical, prove that there is room, if not necessity, for art to be incorporated to the busy schedules of businessmen, leaders and scientists. Besides being therapeutic, many logically – minded intellectuals will appreciate the ministry of art for their impact and success.

Art is a necessity for everyone, especially in the leadership positions.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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