The Signs of Materialism

It’s easy to get hooked into the roller-coaster ride of worldly pursuits. We work hard to buy things, then work hard to maintain them. It’s an endless vicious cycle, and without the Word of God’s salvific words, we can’t help but slide down the pathway of materialism.

Materialism is a way of thinking. I think it’s paradoxical to declare that the materialism is a spiritual issue. It’s deal is with the world, yet its nature is operating within the nature of the soul.
Here are the signs of materialism:

1. Anxiety (pag-alala/ balisa)- you don’t manage it, you spend more than you earn.
You are worrying about your future, your investments, your debts. You worry to get rich, very fast.

2. Covetousness (inggit)- naiinggit ka sa iba, gusto mo ang hindi mo kailangan. Just because it is new or others have it.

3. Selfishness (makasarili)- You hold everything tightly, any giving you do you give with grudge.

4. Greed- (katakawan) what I have is not enough.

5. Flattery (pambobola, hindi tapat na puri) – saying things to people for personal gain. You say things to people so they give something to you.

6. Idolatry-(pagsamba sa mga nilikha) you worship things. You sacrifice relationships for the sake of things. You use people and love things. You ignore others, or step on others for the sake of money.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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