The System that Fights against the Domineering Religions in Politics and Economy

There are only two religions that are running the economic and political realms: 1.) Power or Escape religion 2.) Dominion Religion

By power religion, I mean that the state economy and political realms are being tried to controlled by a power of a certain specie, namely, humans. Even without calling themselves “religious,” people who are in bondage to this are under the control of the religion called humanism. Their faith is this, that “human is the center and the authority of their life, economy and politics.” They look up or worship other humans, or most of all, themselves. We are humanists by nature due to the fall. We have “fallen short” of looking and imitating the most worthy of example of all (Romans 3:23). However, this religion is covered by many labels:

If the territory is controlled by one man’s sole will, we call it autocracy.
If a country is in the hands of only a few elites or political dynasties, we have an oligarchy.
If controlled by a foreign entity, it’s colonialism.
If controlled by the church, wherein the church and the state has blurred divisions, we have the Holy Roman Empire governance or Cults-style regime.
We could name lots of political and economic styles, but they can be summarized by one phrase: The power to control is in the hands of humans.

By escape religion, I would mean that the church escapes involvement from the political-economic ministries of a state. Instead of being the salt and light of a country, “escapists” will avoid these areas at all means. They believe that the political and economical situation are already at their worst, and can no longer be redeemed. They may label themselves as separatists to the point that involvement is totally absent at all, maybe even praying for the salvation of the economy and the political governors (1 Timothy 2:2).

By dominion religion, this religion is introduced in Genesis 1:26-28. This is the religion of redemption- including the economic and political kingdoms of the earth. It’s aim is to bring back the authority to the rightful Owner. People who buy to this idea and have faith on its tenets believe that every area of life has been marred due to the Fall of man and by original sin, and therefore the gospel has to be permeated and preached in all areas of life. It seeks to liberate systems, people and kingdoms from the Power religion or the Escape religion. Wherever sin reigns, the system is in a broken-destructive state. The dominion religion members’ heartcry is to enter in and call people to repentance, out of the control of the wrong system, into a system of Biblical dominion over creation.

by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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