Things worth considering before a vacation

This is the start of my 2 weeks study leave and vacation. The start of my post-graduate life has just begun, a new stage of education experience dawns.

In this time of temporary rest from my weekly work routines and schedules, the desire for fruitfulness for the Lord is still in me. I guess, I always wrestle with a thought-provoking question on how to be productive.

Leaving the ministry place for 2 weeks, here are some of the desires that grace of God has impressed to my heart, and I think this may help those who will also go for a vacation in the future.

1. Make goals in advance. This may sound absurd especially to those who have never kept journals in their life, but I believe this is important for any travel schedule. Having clearly-defined goals will save you from wastedness. Specifying them will make you evaluate every activity you have in your trip, make your efforts whole, and give you fulfillment at best. Also make sure that God is glorified in your goals.

2. Pack in advance. Few weeks before my trip, I had this list where I jot down those that I think will be needful. Few days before, the bag is already there where I already started to place things inside so that it will save me from forgetting them. Also don’t forget to place padlock and bag tag in your belongings.

3. Research the place. I try to know important facts about my destination because it saves me from some undesirable circumstances. I google the map, the interesting spots, food shops, comments, safety, key places like hospitals, malls, ATMs etc.

I have some more, but I think I just have to write them sometime. So here are they which the Lord gave me. This list is still a “work in progress” but nevertheless, I enjoy having them in mind.

  1. -fruitful time of rest, study and meditation
  2. -time for self and listen to God’s plans
  3. -give more time for His Word
  4. -catch-up things, stuffs to read, to study, to do
  5. -meet more people, places
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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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