Tools and Tips on Naming your Website Domain

Blogging is a communications revolution. It has transformed the world in many ways: publishing, payments, socializing, date-finding, education, shopping and more.

Here’s a tip: Develop your website to its maximum potential. If you don’t have yet, start building it now. This will help build your identity in your field of expertise. This will help you in “making your calling and election sure.”

Time is also your friend. It will help you gradually build your community and market. Build it with consistency and long-term mindset.

Here are some tips when naming your site:

1. If you’re building your virtual businesscard or building a wealth of information around your expertise, use your fullname for the domain (e.g. When applying to clients online, this is a plus point to your virtual integrity.

2. If you’re developing a site that combines your passion and skills, use this tool: wordoid. Enter keywords, and it will help you create unique and fun domain names.

3. There are also some instances that the brand name you choose is far from the products you offer. It’s the ethics and value behind your site that counts. For example: Starbucks is not about stars and bucks, Jollibee is not about insects or bees.

The principle we get here is not just building a wise and thoughtful name, but combine that name with the spirit of creativity, longevity and consistent excellence in delivering your products and services.

by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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