Ultimate Guide to Life Insurance Philippines

Life insurance may be something new to you which you often hear from your office mates or social media posts. But what are its meaning and importance?  How does it work? Do you need life insurance? Is it really better to get term and invest the rest? What are the types of life insurance that […]

How to Pay Sunlife Online Using Credit Card

How to Pay Sun Life premiums using Credit Card Online1

How to use Mastercard or Visa credi card to can pay your Sun Life policy online? Here’s a digital convenience skill to help you keep your policy stay in force. The process is very simple. Log-in to your SunLife portal at sunlife.com.ph 2. At the left side, select what policy you are to pay. Look […]

Webinar: Getting Started with Online Jobs at Home

Online free WEBINAR + Q&A for Beginners by Bryan Villarosa Getting Started with Online Jobs at Home (Webinar) May 23, 2020 | Sat | 6 PM arrow-icon-down Sign-up arrow-icon-down Webinar Points Topics at the Webinar Keypoint 1 Ways to Work from Home What are possible reasons why people choose to work from home? What are […]

Work From Home with Remote Jobs: A Complete Freelancing Guide for Filipinos

Remote or Work From Home Jobs in the Philippines

Table of Contents Whether you want to stay close with your family, seek for a higher income, earn while travelling, or seeking an extra income, this detailed guide is for you. Remote work is the nature of my career since 2010 (Fresh Grad). I’ve been working remotely at home or at places with my device […]

Succeed as a Home-Based Worker: Tips from a Long-time Freelancer

How to Succeed in Work From Home Jobs in Upwork

Table of Contents How to Get Hired on Upwork I’ve been a freelancer since 2010 and that means I got a fair share of my ups and downs. Thankfully, through the years, I was able to retain a 100% job success as of the moment of this writing. I want to help others that’s why […]

Ways to Pay SunLife Insurance


Ways to Pay SunLife Insurance Policy In this blog, I log ways to pay SunLife policy. I am a Sunlife policy holder and advisor and I always encounter questions on where or how to pay their Sunlife policy.  If you’re abroad, no problem. Paying SunLife online is easy.  Arrangements During Community Quarantine For your reference, […]

VUL Insurance

VUL Variable Universal Unit Linked Life Insurance

VUL Insurance Definition, Benefits, Pros and Cons, vs Term Insurance, Sunlife Proposal, Calculator, Financial Needs Analysis

How To Easily Time Deposit in EastWest Bank


I was surprised how easy and fast it is to make a time deposit using your East West Bank Account. The moment you have set-up you account and online account, the process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Step 1 Go to https://www.eastwestbanker.com/ and log-in your username and password. If you’re an individual account holder […]

BIR Tax Guide for Self Employed, Professionals and Freelancers

BIR Tax Guide

As a self-employed, freelance online marketer and professional Filipino taxpayer, I am logging here my detailed experience and learnings in paying my tax obligations here in the Philippines. I am also a blogger about financial literacy, real estate investments, Bacolod City, and law school. In order for a country to move from poverty to prosperity, one […]