Mini Strategies to Advance your Career or Calling


1.  Don’t let weariness and laziness overcome you. These are powerful hindrances to your way to a fruitful life. Identify and mercilessly mortify the causes. When you get home from work, take a small nap, spend some time with family, dinner, and do something fruitful until bed time that fulfills your calling. End an hour shorter and […]

Three Strategies for Breaking Free from your Day Job to Freelance

You may be working 9-5 and enjoyed the security that your job gives you, but you may be longing to experience freedom of time. Maybe you are looking for a job where you are really called to, and at the same time enjoy being in your home. Maybe you are a Filipino working abroad but […]

Tools and Tips on Naming your Website Domain

Blogging is a communications revolution. It has transformed the world in many ways: publishing, payments, socializing, date-finding, education, shopping and more. Here’s a tip: Develop your website to its maximum potential. If you don’t have yet, start building it now. This will help build your identity in your field of expertise. This will help you […]

PAGIBIG (HDMF) Housing Loan for Freelancers

Are you a freelancer/Non-voice BPO agent from Elance-oDesk or any internet-driven income worker? Are you wanting to loan to purchase a house and lot for your family? I personally recommend this book to help freelancers deal with their Financial Life: The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed: The Only Personal Finance System for People […]

Go and create

Go and Create

When man stops being creative, he opposes his own nature. Why? Because God Himself is creative and He replicated that attribute to man. God is the author of creativity. He is the Author and Originator of beauty, and Genesis 1 narrates that image-replication process. When God made man “in his own image,” man possessed the […]

Don’t be afraid to take risk


Whenever there is an opportunity for growth and development, there is always a room for risk. In life, you need to embrace risks. You need to welcome them, face them and grow through them. You must be open to them because you always need to learn new things from time to time. Risk is a […]