Best Life Insurance in the Philippines 2019

The top insurance companies in the Philippines are ranked by the Insurance Commission based on six essential statistics released by the government every year. The five criteria to determine the top life insurance companies are: Premium income Networth Net Income Assets Equivalent Annual Premium Income from New Business.   In this contest, let us rank […]

Best Life Insurance in the Philippines

The best life insurance in the Philippines can be determined by its financial reports. This means that a company is trusted, stable, and has enough assets to keep its promise of security.  Stability is one of the top criteria to look for in a life insurance company. After all, you are searching for a company […]

Ultimate Guide to Life Insurance Philippines

When it comes to protecting your family from economic uncertainties and helping them pursue their dreams, choosing the right Philippine life insurance is the most important decision you’ll ever make. How does it work? Do you need life insurance? Is it really better to get term and invest the rest? What are the types of […]

How to Pay Sunlife Online Using Credit Card

How to Pay Sun Life premiums using Credit Card Online1

How to use Mastercard or Visa credi card to can pay your Sun Life policy online? Here’s a digital convenience skill to help you keep your policy stay in force. The process is very simple. Log-in to your SunLife portal at 2. At the left side, select what policy you are to pay. Look […]

Ways to Pay SunLife Insurance


Ways to Pay SunLife Insurance Policy In this blog, I log ways to pay SunLife policy. I am a Sunlife policy holder and advisor and I always encounter questions on where or how to pay their Sunlife policy.  If you’re abroad, no problem. Paying SunLife online is easy.  Arrangements During Community Quarantine For your reference, […]

VUL Insurance

VUL Variable Universal Unit Linked Life Insurance

VUL Insurance Definition, Benefits, Pros and Cons, vs Term Insurance, Sunlife Proposal, Calculator, Financial Needs Analysis

Why Newlyweds Should Consider Getting Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a protection for the family in a financial sense. “The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.” -Proverbs 22:3. Yes we trust in the Lord as the Provider, but faith has to be translated to works. We are called to trust and believe, but […]