Silverio v. Republic Digest

MY TITLE Petitioner Silverio underwent sex change CASE TAGS Male and Female in MarriageHomosexuality CITATION  Silverio vs Republic G.R. 174689 | October 22, 2007 ROMMEL JACINTO DANTES SILVERIO, petitioner,vs.REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES, respondent. FACTS Petitioner filed to change his first name from “Rommel Jacinto” to “Mely” and sex from male to female in RTC of Manila. The petitioner underwent […]

Jocson v. CA Digest

Jocson vs. CA 170 SCRA 333G.R. No. L-55322. February 16, 1989Full Text Link Complete Names of PartiesMOISES JOCSON, petitioner,vs.HON. COURT OF APPEALS, AGUSTINA JOCSON-VASQUEZ, ERNESTO VASQUEZ, respondents. THESIS STATEMENTPetitioner Moises FILED a case to NULLIFY the Documents of Deeds the Sale of properties between his father and his sister, Defendant Agustina, on the grounds that (1) the transaction […]

Onas vs. Javillo Digest

Onas vs. Javillo 59 Phil 733G.R. No. L-39670             March 20, 1934Full Text Link Complete Names of PartiesIn the matter of the intestate estate of the deceased Crispulo Javillo.ROSARIO OÑAS, oppositor-appellant,vs.CONSOLACION JAVILLO, ET AL., petitioners-appellees. THESIS STATEMENTRosario Onas FILED a petition asserting that CFI Capiz erred in holding that all the properties acquired during the second marriage […]

Albenson Enterprises v. CA Digest

(Note: Albenson not Abenson) LESSONS: We all have rights but it doesn’t mean we are to abuse our rights to step on to other’s rights. We may all act within our law-given rights, but if we act intentionally in bad faith against someone in business, we will be liable for Articles 19, 20, 21 of […]

Chi Ming Tsoi v CA Digest

CHI MING TSOI, petitioner,vs. COURT OF APPEALS and GINA LAO-TSOI, respondents. IN RELATION TO COURSEPersons under Psychological IncapacityNullity of marriage by reason of protracted avoidance of sex FACTS Sometime on May 22, 1988, Chi Ming Tsoi and Gina Lao-Tsoi got married. On their first night as husband and wife, Chi Ming Tsoi turned his back, […]

On Abortion: Roe v Wade Digest

Instruction: Give particular attention to the judicial reasoning of the court and how they decided access to abortion was a legally-protected right. Ruling Opinion delivered by Justice Blackmun:    Regarding Dr. Hallford Par 25: Dr. Hallford’s arrests in the past for violation of State’s abortion laws: make no immediate threat to any federally-protected right that […]

Ang Ladlad vs. COMELEC Digest

Ang Ladlad vs. COMELECG.R. No. 190582  – April 8, 2010Full Text Link: THESIS STATEMENTAng Ladlad filed for a petition for recognition as a party-list after the COMELEC refused to accredit them under RA 7941 or Party-List System ActThe RELIEF sought by Ang Ladlad is TO BE RECOGNIZED as a Party-List candidate for the May 2010 elections. […]

Zulueta vs. Pan Am Digest

G.R. No. L-28589 January 8, 1973Full Text LinkAuthor: Bryan VillarosaComplete Names of PartiesRAFAEL ZULUETA, ET AL., plaintiffs-appellees,vs.PAN AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS, INC., defendant-appellant. THESIS STATEMENT Pan American World Airways (on this motion for reconsideration) insists that the COMPROMISE AGREEMENT they made with Mrs. Carolina Zulueta IS VALID on the grounds that THE DAMAGES DID NOT arise […]

China Bank vs. Ortega Digest

CHINA BANK VS ORTEGAG.R. No. L-34964 January 31, 1973 THESIS STATEMENT China Bank refused to comply with a court order garnishing (seize to settle debt) the bank deposit of a judgment debtor invoking that the order does not fall under exceptions of Section 2 Republic Act No. 1405. FACTS Respondent Vicente Acaban filed a complaint in the […]

Abellana vs. Marave Digest

TWO ABELLANA’S VS. JUDGE MARAVEG.R. No. L-27760 May 29, 1974Full text THESIS STATEMENT Petitioners CRISPIN and FRANCISCO ABELLANA insisted that the Responded Judge acted with grave abuse of discretion arguing that he should have dismissed the civil action against them because there’s already a criminal action on appeal. WHAT ARE THE RELIEFS SOUGHT? DISMISSAL of […]