Jocson v. CA Digest

Jocson vs. CA 170 SCRA 333G.R. No. L-55322. February 16, 1989Full Text Link Complete Names of PartiesMOISES JOCSON, petitioner,vs.HON. COURT OF APPEALS, AGUSTINA JOCSON-VASQUEZ, ERNESTO VASQUEZ, respondents. THESIS STATEMENTPetitioner Moises FILED a case to NULLIFY the Documents of Deeds the Sale of properties between his father and his sister, Defendant Agustina, on the grounds that (1) the transaction […]

Abellana vs. Marave Digest

TWO ABELLANA’S VS. JUDGE MARAVEG.R. No. L-27760 May 29, 1974Full text THESIS STATEMENT Petitioners CRISPIN and FRANCISCO ABELLANA insisted that the Responded Judge acted with grave abuse of discretion arguing that he should have dismissed the civil action against them because there’s already a criminal action on appeal. WHAT ARE THE RELIEFS SOUGHT? DISMISSAL of […]

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(SOLD) RFO House in Villa Angela

Villa Angela RFO

Location Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. FULL DESCRIPTION Floor Area 75 sqm Lot Area 300 sqm 3 Bedroom 2 CR & Bath 5.9M as of JUN 2020 Near Market place NGC Lopues east Robinsons Grocery […]

Iloilo Tourist Spots

Table of Contents ILOILO HISTORICAL ADVENTURE AND SPORTS The Fourth Congressional District is the HISTORICAL ADVENTURE and SPORTS DESTINATION of the province and is comprised of the towns of Dumangas Dingle, Duenas, Passi City, San Enrique, Barotac Nuevo, Anilao and Banate.  The district is filled with mystery and tradition, with outdoor adventures in abundance.  Exploring […]

The Disease that Nearly Killed an Empire

The Disease that Nearly Killed an Empire -Historian Kyle Harper proposes that a certain virus in 300AD had a major role in the fall of the Roman Empire commonly called as the ‘Cyprian Plague’-Everyone thought that Rome was so powerful and nothing can defeat her. -Cyprian wrote: “the strength of the body is dissolved (fatigue), […]

How to Withdraw Google Adsense Earnings via Western Union

How to Withdraw Adsense Earnings If you’re using Google Adsense, it’s very easy to withdraw your earnings. Once you’ve reached the 100 USD threshold, Google Adsense will automatically send it to you. The only option I see for Google Adsense account holders is via Western Union.  1. Log-in to Your Google Adsense Account Log-in to […]

SEO Services Philippines

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People are increasingly depending on search results to get to know more about a business or organization. Appearing in search for a certain keyword gives the feeling of authority to your readers, leading them to trust you more.  As more customers are consuming online, it’s important to invest in your website’s SEO so you can […]

Beach and Properties in Guimaras For Sale


0919 777 5076 Julie Bimbo 2 Hectares Beach Lot in M. Chavez Location: M. Chavez, San Lorenzo, Guimaras  (windmills) Size: 20,000sqm or 2 hectares Type: Beach Lot Price: P16M 5,000 sqm Beach Lot in San Lorenzo, Guimaras Location: San Lorenzo, Guimaras Size: 5,000sqm Type: Residential Lot from beside the Road to the Beach Price: P3.5M […]