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Please see attached proposals for Maxilink 100 and Sun Fit Advantage 20. This is a combination of 2 proposals. There will be two applications in case you choose this package. 
I would advise to get Maxilink 100 instead of Flexilink or other Maxilink variants. This is because both Maxi 100 covers you til age 100 and Sun Fit also covers you til age 100. So both are the same coverage in nature. While the rest of the policies are old and were only til age 88. 
What is the difference between Sun Fit and Well and the Critical Illness (CIB) rider? The major difference is that the CIB rider only covers 36 critical illnesses while Sun Fit covers 114 critical illnesses both major and minor (pls see list in proposal). But Sun Fit Adv 20 is a term insurance. It’s like a car insurance, that if you miss the payments, the policy will lapse or stop. You need to reapply again and maybe submit medical records to recover yourself. Payment duration is fixed at 20 years for you to stay covered until age 100. After 20th year, you are no longer required to pay premiums. 
For your summary:
Annual Premium / Payment for both policies: P36,000 
(18,000 per year for Maxilink 100 and 17,892 per year for Sun Fit and Well)

For Sun Fit, there must be no missed payments for policy to stay in force. For Maxilink VUL, it’s okay to miss payments if your fund value can cover the charges. But expect that your future projected fund value may not be met also. 
Just like other Maxi100, You can pay as high and as long as you can in Maxi 100 to achieve higher future funds. The more you put, the higher is placed in investments. You can choose to continue paying ’til age 100 to increase funds for retirement or old age or inheritance. For Sun Fit, you may pay more than your required premium, but they will be counted as advanced payment for future charges. Not as investment. Because it is not an investment product. 
For Maxi100, *You can rest from payment once your fund value is able to cover the monthly charges. Once fund value goes below zero, the insurance promises will halt. It’s better to put money because VUL is like a bank. You’ll just see your funds online and its performance.
Insurance benefits (for the Combined 2 policies):
Initial Natural Death (starting on Day 1): P1,300,000 (this grows because fund value is added time to time in VUL)
Accidental Death: P1,650,000 (grows – fund value is added)
In case Cannot Work Permanently: 100% of MaxiLink100 Premiums are waived and 100% of Sun Fit are waived
Dismemberment & Disablement Benefit – (up to) 350,000 -includes loss of sight, fingers, loss of feet, etc.
Critical Illness Benefit – up to 600,000 (among 114 critical illnesses) please see proposal for details. 
Hospital Reimbursement: P1,700 per day caused by sickness (3 days minimum) or accident (1 day minimum)… P3,400 per day if ICU or caused by Dreaded Diseases
Return on Investment Projection: (assuming 10% interest per year and continuous payments)
Fund Allocation: 100% on Equity Funds (Philippine Stock Market)
Age 55 – PHP 1,804,000
Age 65 – PHP 4,805,000
Age 85 – PHP 33 Million
Long-term game, time and compound interest are your greatest partners for growth.
(Note: All funds are withdrawable anytime in VUL. Historical performance of Sunlife in Equity fund is more than 10% per year. Funds are not guaranteed since this is investment and it will depend on performance. Policy will stop if funds reach zero pesos, so better not to skip payments)
Please see attached PDF Proposals for in-depth details of the Policy Proposal.
Should you have any concerns, please feel free to message me.
Thank you!
To be of service,
Bryan Alvin Rommel Y. Villarosa
Financial Advisor | Sun Life Financial
Authorized by the Insurance Commission to act as an Insurance Agent
+63908 812 8227

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