5 Ways to Earn Passive Income in the Philippines

Updated May 23, 2017

If you are working an an 8-5 job, you may begin to realize that you still have extra time for the rest of the day. Besides enjoying your family and friends, some alone time or with activities, why not think of building a passive income where you can gain experience, explore a different aspect of yourself and may be a retirement cashflow in the future?

If you are considering to migrate to the Philippines, enjoy the climate and the beach, while building online income, this is for you.

In this list, I curated (and will continue) to add different ways for you to earn passively. Take note that some may be contextualized to my situation as a Filipino or those residing in the Philippines, whether expat or not. I have been in the freelancing world for almost 8 years now, and I have learned and benefited lots from it.

If there’s a preliminary advice I can advise I can give, it would be to find your niche. We all have invested to some experience or a specific field in life, and you are a steward of it. We were gifted with talents, skills and resources and someday He will account us as to how we made profit of them.

Turn your passion to profit.

1. Blogging

Needless to say, blogging is one of the top past times and passive income of many. As a freelancer myself, I didn’t start blogging as my primary source of income, even up to this moment of writing. Blogging is rather an outlet or a digital storage of one’s passions, experiences, discoveries or interests. It can also be intentionally purposed for marketing purposes like sales, content marketing or SEO.

You may start your blogging endeavour by using WordPress.com. When I learned its popularity and robust features, I started with what is known as the WordPress-hosted blog. You basically go to www.wordpress.com, sign up and create your own website/blog. There you will learn the interface and mechanisms that will prepare you to a more advanced blogging skills in the future.

I first started with WordPress.com, then when I became a bit confident, I bought a premium account which is bryanvillarosa.com. Then after some time, I transferred it to a self-hosted account using Hostgator.

If you use WordPress-hosted blog, your income can be from Affiliates and Ad System which is called WordAds. For Self-hosted blog, you can work for an account in Google Adsense.

After 4 years, I went from a self-hosted WordPress to a premium account in WordPress.com.

Build content you are confident it. It’s better to trim them down through time so you can devote more time to it as time passes. When you build authority, you can market your consulting service to your respective niche.

2. Amazon Kindle Ebook Sales

Ebook commerce is the activity of selling your write-ups online. You can write a short book or novel, place it in MS Word and upload to Amazon. This will be a lifetime income stream for you. You may use Evernote to compile your thoughts, give them time to saturate and provide you insights along the way.

Or you can build an Amazon-affiliate store. Your work primarily will be to curate products of your own choosing. You may provide reviews as well. Take note that pricing of Amazon differs from one region to another. You may need to use a tool called TunnelBear to see pricing from the perspective/servers of another country.

3. Tshirt Designing- Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch How To

If you are into designing, you can create Tshirt Designs, upload them to Amazon Merch, and you receive royalties when people buy your designs. You can also create an independent website of your own if you are desiring to have more freedom for your own site.

As of my writing, accounts are still in an invitation basis. I have signed up here several weeks before I got approval. Amazon will be the one to print your designs to tshirts, and ship them to buyers. Without working on physical t-shirt, you will be able to generate income as time (or years go by).

4. Youtube Tutorials

Are you a person tired of writing? Then Youtube Video creation may be for you. You basically just need a computer or a smart phone, a good microphone is a plus, and a passion to stick with a niche. If you are a jack-of-all-trades, try making a channel for each category of your passions. Compile thoughts, tricks along the way, and schedule a recording when you’re ready. It can be your choir leading tips, love thoughts, missionary journeys, or just anything under the sun.

You will have few viewers at first, but the more you provide quality tutorials from the investments of knowledge to share, the more you can accumulate a following. In a general sense, the more you create contents that will link to that page, the more it will rank higher.

I have a Youtube Channel that specializes in Stock Market Investment in the Philippines which is COL Financial. I have other fields of experiences, so I also have a channel for Graphic Designing and Freelance, and I also have a Channel for my ordinary experiences as a Filipino citizen.

To earn, you must have a Google Adsense account linked to your Youtube Account. Google Adsense account has to be worked long-term, because Google will only approve your account if you have generated an ample supply of viewers for a blog or a Youtube video. I noticed that the longer your video stays and the more relevant it is to the community, the more it will generate viewership.

5. FB Page for Local Products

You may try to look around your locality on which product you can sell online that are not available in the mainstream commercial markets. It could be a native coffee, souvenirs, handcrafted goods, booklets, local art, art crafts or local foods. You may create a Facebook Page for it so people who are in a niche search will see you on top. The more general your niche is, the more competition and the harder it is to climb, but the more you specify your niche, the more targeted you become.

For me, I created an FB Page for a native coffee because a nearby town produces it where other provinces do not. Coffee is grown massively in my province only and most towns nearby do not. So I took this step and had customers already contacting me for orders.

To boost your search engine ranking (known as SEO), you may begin to create Youtube videos for it, blogs, and comments that link to it. The more it is referred, the higher it gets. I have to say that Google has its varied ways to rank contents and an SEO worker must be updated of them.

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