I’ve been a freelancer since 2011 and that means I got a fair share of my ups and downs. Thankfully, through the years, I was able to retain a 100% job success as of the moment of this writing. I want to help others that’s why I’m sharing the following tips so you can, Lord-willing, succeed consistently in the freelancer career.

1.  Maintain a High Job Success Rating in Your Profile

Just like how we handle our professional careers, business or offline life, so must we also handle our Upwork activities with care. Here are some sub-categories I believe can help:

  • Only accept jobs you can consistently do. Don’t over-commit
  • Apply when you are equipped. Be honest if you are not acquainted with some areas of the job.  Good clients appreciate honesty.
  • NO means Next Opportunity. When you get rejected, remember that there are still other opportunities He has instilled for you. You may take the break to upgrade your skills, develop your profile or get some rest.

2. Follow Upwork Policies

You may face temptations to get paid outside Upwork when the job was posted inside the platform, or create double accounts, etc. These could lead to terrible consequences such as being barred for life. So make sure you are careful and always updated with the laws and policies.

3. Build Your Portfolio and CV

As you go through your career, keep copies of your work and certificates so you can update your portfolio and resume. I recommend having two sets of showcase when you launch into the world of freelance: Portfolio and CV/Resume.

For Portfolio, develop your Upwork Profile first. Get tests, upload works, update history, certifications, description. You can then copy your statements to secondary portfolio sites like:

  • Your website (Start with WordPress)
  • LinkedIn
  • Behance/ Github
  • Carbonmade

4. Monitor Your Application Letters

Keep a record of your application letters in Upwork. Monitor which ones get client responses. Mark them especially which ones get hired. I recommend Evernote so you can always revisit, edit or share to those in need.

Observe professional formatting. Get feedback or recommendations. Be specific or detailed as possible when responding to client job posts. Avoid mindless job application letters. Answer specific requests.

5. When Applying

Sometimes you will lose your written application Upwork. Tendency is, you type a response letter to an invitation and may accidently click “back” or close your window. Poof! You lose your hardwork in a sec!

I suggest that you type your application in an auto-saving software first such as Evernote or Google Docs. Time to time, copy your content to Upwork.

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