Online free WEBINAR + Q&A for Beginners

by Bryan Villarosa

Getting Started with Online Jobs at Home (Webinar)

May 23, 2020 | Sat | 6 PM

Topics at the Webinar

Keypoint 1

Ways to Work from Home

What are possible reasons why people choose to work from home? What are types of remote workers? How to start working online right away as a part-time, a student, or as someone who wanted to transition completely to remote work.
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Keypoint 2

Things to consider before starting

Pros and cons of working from home, skills, and equipment to prepare, knowing your base rate, and few self-assessment questions.
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Keypoint 3

Skills to Offer

What are the in-demand skills for work-from-home jobs? What are the rising skills and career track I can prepare myself for?
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Keypoint 4

Where to Find Remote Work + Bryan's Upwork Tips

What sites to get started with online jobs
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I Am Bryan Villarosa.

With 10 years of online jobs & Upwork experience, I want to help build the community thru my little way of support. In the constantly-changing field of jobs, it is my mission to share my experience to drive online Filipino workers to growth.

Why This Webinar

Grow your knowledge and Enhance Online Job Career


100% free of charge

It's simply a pay-it-forward. But please note that this webinar will be recorded and may be posted for educational purposes.


Trusted Knowledge

Online work experience based from more than 10 years of exposure to the environment.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Attend the webinar anywhere with your device and connection, and you may sign-up to view the recording afterwards.

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