What Leadership is all about


I’ve been thinking about leadership lately, and it appeals to me how people go through life trying to develop it and use it to achieve success.

The world is in a quest for true leadership. Even my curious mind has been wondering a lot about it, that’s why I tried to conduct some search.

Until one time, I dropped by a local bookstore hoping to find some useful resources, and I was able to see this book about Entrepreneurship. This subject has been an appealing idea since the day I realized its worth. I skimmed through the book and sifted some of its contents, and decided to buy it to get something useful for my life.

I won’t mention the entire title of this book but it was written by a successful CEO of a New York company who gives principles and insights she went through that gave her team a success. It was interesting for me, and I read pages of it, finding myself excited and challenged. Sometimes I found myself restless to apply immediately the programs and activities that she has stated.

Few days later, I was a little kind of bothered about something. At the back of my mind, I noticed that there is something lacking, something I did not find in the book, and I can’t figured out what it was at first. “There is something more than this,” I said to myself. I was constantly hearing a still small voice inside.

Leadership is not just about activities and programs,” the thought came to me. I don’t know why is it that I cannot settle the thing about being a leader, that all someone needs is just a set of programs or methods just like the author of the entrepreneur book proposes. Something has been bothering my mind, giving me discontent to the book I bought. “Is there something wrong here? Is there something lacking?”

Until I recalled this book that I have in my storage a long time ago. A student from CBF gave this to me previously. And this book was written by John MacArthur, entitled “The Book on Leadership.” Just like everytime a new book captures my interest, I was excited to be reunited with this material.

I opened its pages and remembered that I have read this before. It is amazing to see ourselves forgetful of the good things we have encountered in life. That’s why we need a good amount of reminders always.

As of the moment of this blog-writing, I just read the first 10 pages of it, and my mind has been munching every bit of what was written. In this book, the author nailed a very strong point that got hold of me. The phrase, I can still remember vividly how my eyes stuck for a few seconds, and how my mind engineered a substantial amount of energy and systematic understanding, and how my heart appreciated the wisdom of the Biblical principles. His point goes like this: “That leadership is all about character.” So true. It’s something that the whole Bible shouts for. Leadership is all about character.

Well, this is all I can give as of now. This is the gist of the search I have been through, and I hope you also enjoyed the ride. Until now, the phrase keeps staying in my mind, I hope the same with you too, and I’ll say that I can’t help but agree. The statement is immortal. It’s true. Character it is. Pragmatism or making programs are never the primary thing about leading, programs or activities don’t change people, the Word of God is. The Word translated through our life and character- this is leadership. This is all about spiritual leadership.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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