What’s Scary about God’s Holiness?

I entitled this message: “The Holiness of God” which is found in the wider texts of Romans 1.
I shared certain points from these verses, by the Spirit’s leading, which I deem necessary for the majority of the current generation to hear.

As I read Romans 1:16, I was struck by a phrase in the next verse. In here, Paul emphasizes that the gospel must reveal the righteousness of God.

Many gospel presentations can be made, but one must make sure that the elements of the gospel are there. A gospel presentation must expose man to the truth about the Most High and Righteous God.

It is the gospel that Paul describes in Romans 1:17. “For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith…”

This has always been the case in the Bible. People who were saved at the moment of their salvation are exposed to knowing the Just and Holy God. After seeing God, they saw themselves as wicked sinners. People fell down blind, some seemed like dead. Many cried out in fear.

Since God is Holy and Just, we have a problem: We are not. God cannot accept us in our own terms. He must reject offenders. If not, He is not a good God. Without an atonement, man cannot go to God.

People who were exposed to the glorious Holy God, only saw themselves as nothing but wretched sinners.

“Woe unto me for I am undone!” “Depart from me I am a sinful man!” “I fell down like a dead man…” “Be merciful to me a sinner!”

  1. The Gospel is the only power that can save man (Romans 1:16)
    • Salvation – to be rescued from sin: from the power, penalty, and presence of sin
    • Not just from hell and go to heaven, for it is only a secondary purpose of the gospel
    • But to be reconciled to God personally
    • Not psychology, not any other gospel can save man
2.The Gospel must reveal the holiness of God (v. 17)
    • Man can only be saved when He encounters the true God
    • Man must be exposed to the true God of the Old Testament and New Testament
    • Where is the holiness of God in our generation’s message today? Be a part. Preach it. Philippines, hear it.
3. The wrath of God (v.18)
    • I think this is one of the most lacking characteristics of God in the minds of the modern generation and thus totally unknown in one’s perception of God.
    • The Bible should not be taken selectively, because this Book also speaks not just God’s love and goodness, but with scary characteristics of God. From the flood in Noah’s time, Sodom, to Uzzah, to the imprecatory prayers of Psalms, to John 3:36, even at the Book of Revelation, there is such thing as the wrath of God, the anger if God. That’s why King Solomon concludes in Ecclesiastes that the whole duty of man is to “fear God.”
    • Psalm 7:11 – “God is angry with the wicked everyday.” Hard to accept for me first, but it is already written, I just have to believe it. We should.
    • Revelation 21:8 – the unbelieving, the adulterers, the liars, idolaters etc. Shall be thrown to the lake of fire which is the second death/ receive the wrath of God.
    • “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” – a revival preaching in the 16th Century by Jonathan Edwards
    • Matthew 10:28- Fear him who can throw your body and soul in hell.
4. The Evil of Man (chapters 1-3 of Romans)
    • The apostle Paul enumerated the evil deeds of man
    • The gospel is scandalous to the ears of unbelievers
    • Paul warns us that in the last days, people will gather for themselves teachers that have tickling ears
5. Flee from the wrath to come (Luke 13:1-5), Run to Christ for He is your only hope
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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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