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Why Small Businesses in the Philippines Must Take Advantage of Group Insurance

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If you are working in a small business, company or school- whether as owner or employee- you have to take advantage of cheaper Group Insurance. Without one, your employees and finances as a business are at risk. If you belong to an association of some kind for full-time, buy coverage through it.

Save the Company from Uncertain Expenses
If an unexpected accident or death comes to one of your employees, you as an employer will be required to offer aid and assistance to his or her family. Medical treatment costs money, but prolonged cases are too much. Death will also demand expenses. Coverage cushions them.

Without employee group life insurance, employers will be forced to take money from their own pockets. Business owners can avoid this mistake by securing his business with Group Insurance.

Employee Retention

When employees feel that their company is concerned for their welfare, they become more loyal, productive and committed to their employer. As a leader of a company, it is always best to “seek for the good of your subordinates” by providing employee benefits. It is a “plus factor” so your company can be a better workplace.”

Imagine the value and peace that you can give to the families of your workers if they can bring home a Certificate that entitles or insures them throughout the year. It’s an added security for them as well. See sample below:

A scanned example of Group Life certificate of Sun Life Financial Philippines

Our Solution

As a Licensed Financial Advisor, I provide useful solutions to companies and small businesses in the Philippines. I help owners provide this incentive towards a better workplace for their employees.

With Sun Life Financial’s 5 Plus, you can benefit in three ways as a company:

  • Life Insurance – Sun Life shall pay the amount of insurance to the beneficiaries of your employees for loss of life by any means.
  • Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Disability (AD&D)- Sun Life shall pay an additional amount of insurance for loss of life or a percentage thereof for dismemberment or disability due to accidents.
  • Total & Permanent Disability Income (TPDI)- If the employee becomes totally and permanently disabled for his lifetime as a result of accidental injuries or illness, Sun Life shall provide a monthly income for a maximum period of 60 months.

In addition, we wish to highlight the following distinct features of our plan, which makes us different from other insurance companies.

• Quotation is inclusive of the cost of Documentary Stamp Tax.

• Sun Life’s Accidental Death Dismemberment & Disability (ADD&D) benefit rider covers not only death or dismemberment but also disabilities due to accident including loss of speech and hearing. Other insurers cover only dismemberment. Also, the maximum no. of days that an insured member is allowed to claim from this rider is within 365 days after the incident. Other insurers allow only up to a max. of 180 days only.

• Sun Life’s Total and Permanent Disability Income (TPDI) Benefit provides a rate of P20.65/1000 of insurance cover in computing amount of monthly income, up to 60 months. The computed monthly income multiplied to 60 months shall total to 124% of the TPDI amount of cover (and not just 100%). Other insurers provide a rate of P18.32/1000 only.

Advantage of the Product’s Design

  • Conversion Privilege
    An employee who is separated from the group may convert his group insurance to any Sun Life permanent plan within 31 days from date of separation without need to submit evidence of insurability.
  • No Evidence of Insurability Requirement
    Evidence of insurability is not required to insure an eligible employee.
  • Maximum Coverage
    Maximum amount of insurance on any one life is Ps 1,000,000.00

Below is the list of available plans. Please note that substandard or riskier occupations have additional charges.
Premiums for Group Life

List of AMLA Requirements

1. Certificates of Incorporation/Registration issued by the SEC
2. Articles of Incorporation/Partnership
3. Latest General Information Sheet (GIS) submitted to SEC
4. Notarized Secretary’s Certificate/Partnership Resolution (attached template)
5. One (1) Valid Identification Document of the authorized representative
6. BIR 2307 form and Tax Certificate for Top 20,000 Philippine Corporations

1. Valid Certificate of Registration issued by DTI
2. Valid Business Permit
3. One (1) Valid Identification Document of the Proprietor/Owner

1. Certification/Letter from the District Supervisor or the School Principal (using the School’s letterhead) indicating the authority of the representative(s) to enter into business with SLFP; and
2. Such public school issued ID of the authorized representative, with the photocopy signed by the District Supervisor or the School Principal.

1. Pls see Corporation/Partnership/Sole Prop.

We also provide the following insurances:

  1. Creditor’s Life Insurance
  2. Pro-Student Insurance for College and Post-Graduate Schools
  3. Pro-Student Insurance for Pre-school, Elementary and High School
  4. Pro-Family Insurance for Breadwinners and their children and/or parents

If you are interested to avail Group Insurance for your Business, fill-up the form below so I can prepare an official proposal together with the complete list of terms and requirements from the Head Office.

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