Words are spirits

There are zettabites of information in this internet, trillions of words, millions of philosophies, myriad of teachings, but what now? Now, the big question is this: which is the truth? which is which among that massive information, that big data? what is truth? 

Why ask for truth? Why relate it to words? Because our life is governed by words! We think, speak, and move according to a set of beliefs that our mind clings to. Words shape us. Words shape worlds.

May the Lord have mercy on us that he will raise up a generation of people who take His Words as precious than any gold this world has to offer.

Words are not only a set of alphabets or sentences. You can have jumbled letters that have no meaning, and it is impossible to call it “words.” Anything that has no message cannot be considered a “word” in its essence. We consider it a word if it has a substance, a message.

Therefore, my conviction is this: images and videos are words. An image may not contain a single word, but it can be if it has a message to tell. Words are not only limited to alphabets, but anything can be qualified if it speaks something to you. Yes, I hear you, “Pictures speak a thousand words.”

Words travel in the form of information, or any medium which your senses can perceive. It can be through an image, a voice, a music, an art, a touch or a writing. 

Messages, words and information are one. And they can travel now as fast as light through technologies. By this, information leads to the formation of our philosophies, establishment of our belief system, and directions of our actions.

Information, then, is the highway where words are transmitted and messages are given, the spread of information educates the next generation and constructs the minds of the future.

Information is, therefore, the key, not just its formulation, but its dissemination.  Information leads to either life or death, to growth or poverty, to the spread of wisdom or foolishness, to development or destruction. Information is powerful, because words are powerful. Which leads us, again, to this big question: what is the truth? Which words lead to life? Which words are of true power?

This is a trembling question. If somebody doesn’t know the truth, his life is in a great danger. A life, a lifestyle, a culture that is not founded upon the truth has only one destiny- death.

One sentence settles my heart, and it is where all my questions are erased. This sentence is uttered by Jesus Himself when he said, “Thy word is truth.” (John 17:17). Short sentence, but all wisdom in this universe is contained in these three words. It is so smart. Its mass and density is greater than that of the white dwarf star, it is unmeasurable. It is so meaty and nutritious that all the world can feed on it, become so full, and still there will be infinite left.

The Word of God is the truth. The Bible is the truth. It is the sum of all truth. I stand with the conviction of the Puritans when they said, “All truth is God’s truth.” All truth, whether in science or arts, if it is true, then it is simply the discovery of the law established by God. I believe in science as well as I believe the Bible. As long it is true science, and based from truthful research, then it is simply the discovery of the workmanship of God. Man did not invent or created 1 + 1, he only discovered it. He only observed that law called the Law of Addition.

Science is only the examining of God’s work, the harnessing of it for our use. Science points to God and all the beauty of this universe points to the wonderful, amazing, glorious, awesome, perfect, artistic, creative, magnanimous and jaw-dropping God, and should only lead our hearts in awe and worship of the Master Craftsman, not the finite creation. When we see beauty, we are not to worship the beautiful, or bow down to the creation, or money, or sexy, or awesome, we are to bow down to the Source of that beauty, to the Author, to the Creator.

There is also such thing as The Truth in any aspect of life, whether in business, arts, family etc., you must go along the Truth, because there is such thing as laws which you need to observe, because if not, you are going to have big trouble. When we also imitate God’s character in any given field, follow the character laws the Creator has established, there is excellence, there is truth, there is joy and blessing when we are in the truth.

As I upheld the notion that words are crucial, I also found out this staggering truth: that words are spirits. How did I arrive at this? It’s simply because Christ said so in John 6:63:

“It is the spirit that gives life; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63

Words, then, are spirits. Information is a travelling spirit. The pixels in your laptop are spirits, speaking spirits, words, messages, information. Everytime we let words enter our mind, we allow a book to enter our heart, we watch an image or video, there is that speaking spirit delivering a message to our soul. Everytime we digest an article, we are somewhat letting a spirit into us that is captured in those pages.

Wait! What? Yes. I could explain it further, but it goes as simple as, words are spiritual. They are speaking to the soul of man. Words of spirits can either lead you to evil or to righteousness. Media that is under the spirit of evil, lead us to the destruction of our souls. Pornography, dirty talks, gossip, unprofitable movies, green jokes, mundane comic gags, horror movies, disturbing images, could be highly qualified as instruments of these destructive words that make our souls dive to misery, guilt, and death.

But the question is: what spirit do we allow in our lives? I mean, what are the first words that we allow to enter our mind the moment we wake up in the morning? Prior we sleep at night? What voice do we intend to hear? What voices echo inside our minds? Are they the breath of God or the spirit of the god of this world? Satan is also a spirit, and God is a spirit. God chose to reveal Himself through a Book, and that Book is an information, a document, an ancient “pixel”, where a message is revealed. Lifechange occurs to those who are transformed by its words, because the Word in that Book is His Spirit.

This notion also then became clearer when the Blessed Trinity is placed on focus. Look at them: the Spirit, the Son (the Word) and the Father, they are One. So, the Spirit of God and the Word of God are therefore One. If we digest the Words of God, work hard to learn from it, study it, divide it carefully, use it, fight with it, we allow the Spirit of God to contain us, and we become more and more victorious.

What, then, are the words needed to be spread in this world? What messages, what voices, what blogs, what status message, what movies, what writings? The Spirit of God. The Words of God. They are one. Let’s beg for grace, and by His grace, let us unleash them.

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by Bryan Villarosa

by Bryan Villarosa

Bacolod City-based Marketing Services Provider | Licensed Financial Advisor

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